There are over 4 billion people living in urban cities globally today... And they all need to commute to work or study everyday. That’s over 265 billion trips a year! Getting around is annoying though as there are multiple apps for each and every service.

And urban people are facing these challenges commuting everyday…

Unreliable Times

Little real-time information available on transport arrivals, and limited resources for pre-journey planning.


Commuter pays for every transit means separately (bus, metro, taxi, bikes etc). Inconvenient and expensive.

Data Silos

No synchronisation or sharing of transaction data. No insight to traffic conditions and connecting informations.

City governments want to provide better service, but are hamstrung by challenges...

We provide the resources and expertise to transform them into tech companies.

Limited Investment

Limited funding available for investment into future proofing projects and acquisition of resources and talent.

Lack of Talent

Unable to attract talents to upgrade on core competencies and move the organisation into the next frontier.

Outdated Technology

Technology infrastructure lagging behind other industries due to limited investments for tech refresh and upgrades.

Inefficient Operations

Lack of resources and tools to improve operational efficiencies and provide better ROI for the organisation.

If you were to design something smarter, what would it look like? Get to where you want on time without worrying about buying a ticket, what mode of transport and getting lost...

One ecosystem for all services

Step by step guide to get anywhere


Start to end route mapping with no need to figure out what ticket to buy

Stress free navigation

Step by step guide to get anywhere


Pay for any transport with one account


You could even pay for a ticket for a friend in your app

How it Works

We have spent almost 2 years solving this mobility problem together...
The team is founded by seasoned professionals with over 80 years experience.

Michael Tan


Seasoned technopreneur with exposure in APAC.

Over 20 years business consulting and investment experience in Asia, dealing with MNCs, SMEs and startups.

Advisor for a Singapore- based private equity fund.

Francis Ong


Experienced IT professional.

Over 20 years in sales and operation management in IT • industries.

Was Deputy CEO of Hitachi Systems Digital Service. Previously sales lead roles with IBM, Datacraft etc. in Asia.

Alex Danilov (PhD)


Communications professional and experience in technology startups.

18+ years experience in consulting, communications and internet startups in Russia and Singapore. Extensive knowledge of product development.

Stanley Tay


Technical sales professional with 20 years experience in • APAC.

Extensive management and business development experience in smartcard and payment industries, including various positions with NXP, Infineon, 3M and Innovatrics.

With a strong bench supporting us
A team of professionals and advisors with tremendous experience from various industries...

Laurence Hsu Chief Administration Officer

Seasoned corporate executive with 30 years experience in APAC

Former senior executive with Emerson, McCormick, Hewitt etc

Rachel Tan Investor Relations Director

Seasoned investment professional and CFA

Broking experience with Sassoon Futures, Salomon Smith Barney, Prudential Bache etc

Christabelle Tan Community Manager

Experienced marketing and community manager in the blockchain industry

Former senior executive with Emerson, McCormick, Hewitt etc

Chuang Pei-Han

Serial entrepreneur in APAC region and blockchain expert

Currently CEO of Morpheus Labs, Blockchain Platform as a Service Provider

Bruce Lu

Experienced solutions architect

Currently CTO of Morpheus Labs and former Lead Solution Architect for IBM Blockchain

Maxim Bozhko

Seasoned software expert

Currently CEO of blockchain studio Daonomic. Tremendous experience building blockchain platforms and applications

Navin Kapoor

Experienced financial services professional

ICO Bench Top 5 Expert and subject matter expert of blockchain and ICO

William Yap

Experience finance professional

Currently CFO of NASDAQ listing company. Previous executive role with Ascendas, Singtel, IPCO and Prime Partners. CFA since 2000

Michael Chiu

Successful capital markets professional based in New York

Founder of Five Star Group and Millenium Estates Holding Group. Tremendous experience in fundraising

Transit Protocol enables the aggregation of different mobility services into one platform. We are a multi-modal transport protocol on the blockchain that allows developers to provide profound value to commuters globally, which we will be able to monetise.